The company “The Care” is a pioneering company in the field of health, combining the knowledge and experience of its team, to provide the best health services to the patient, covering all aspects of the problems and special care needs. Physicians of all specialties and therapists’ team with their experience, ensure a high level of quality and efficiency in providing the best care in any medical problem and in any medical care needed by the patient, starting from the primary care.

Our goal is that every patient has completed contented any therapies or medical procedures in the specialized area of ​​health problem and have ensured better quality of life back home.

The neurologic or orthopedic rehabilitation after the acute phase, patients natives or foreigners requiring hospitalization for the healing and restoration, the monitoring of their individualized program of physiotherapy – hydrotherapy – occupational therapy and physical therapy with the use of special equipment, the emergency medical problems that threaten directed to specialized hospitals to perform specialized surgery or treatment ( filtration roots and peripheral nerve surgery in chronic pain , acupuncture for analgesia , smoking cessation , obesity, etc. ) , the monitoring of cerebral blood flow with transcranial Doppler , the treatment with blood growth factors (Platelet Rich Plasma) for persistent inflamed joints, to ensure the safe and improved status on returning home , are some of the activities covered by our company.

We are available for any constructive comments or exhortation that the care of your patients is in accordance with their needs.